Cold & Flu Buster Spray

This spray serves a dual purpose; helps disinfect a room
while clearing your head and chest! Use Cold & Flu Buster
to wipe down door knobs, phones, etc and spray into the air.
Great for bedrooms and even for work! Blend of Eucalyptus,
Tea Tree and Rosemary Essential Oils

4oz travel size - $3.95

                 8oz - $6.95
Chest & Sinus Steam

Soothing blend of Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus
Essential Oils work wonders on chest and sinus issues. Add
a few drops to a steaming pot of water, cover bowl and head
with a towel, keep your eyes closed, and breathe in the

½ oz – $5.95
Cold Season Blend

Great for achy muscles and sniffling noses, I’m Steamed
Cold Season is a relaxing blend of Lavender, Rosemary and
Eucalyptus Essential oils that can be used in many ways.
Add a few drops to some milk and add to a nice warm bath
to help sooth muscle aches while helping relax and calm.
Also, you can add a few drops to an oil diffuser to help clear
the air.

½ oz - $5.95
*Free Shipping on all orders over $35.00*
*Free Shipping on all orders over $35.00*