Poochie Fresh Carpet Powder

This wonderful aromatic carpet powder, with Lavender, Eucalyptus
and Rosemary Essential Oil, is wonderful for dog owners. Powder
disinfects, deodorizes as well as repels fleas, nits and worm eggs.
Just sprinkle some on your carpet, let stand for 20 minutes, then
vacuum as normal.

32oz - $5.95
Poochie Fresh Spray

No more wet dog smell! Just take your pup and spray on liberally,
avoiding the head and eyes, and then let alone, brush through or
even massage into coat. Poochie Fresh Spray has a decadent blend
of Lavender, Geranium and Lemon Essential Oils to help freshen up
any doggy smell! Do not use on cats.

4oz- $3.95

8oz- $6.95
Stall Wash

Stall Wash is great to use when scraping stalls all the way down and
before refilling with bedding and can be used to wash out wash
racks, aisles and trailers. One gallon of concentrate will make up 8
gallons of Stall Wash. Contains: Chamomile, Thyme and
Lemongrass Essential Oil.

1 Gallon - $14.95
Ear Wash

Use Ear Wash to help eliminate ear odors and disinfect your dogs
ears. Not to be used on cats. Comes in bottle with dropper top for
easy dispensing. Contains Witch Hazel and Lavender.

1oz - $4.95
Labor Ease

Just a few drops added to water in your oil diffuser will calm your
mom to be and help progress labor. Only use once stage two labor
presents and only for 15 minutes at a time

15ml Dropper Bottle - $5.95
1-Vampire n' Flea Biscuits

2- Honey P-Nut Puppy Biscuits

3- Pumpkin Pie Treats

4- Sugar-N-Spice Treats

5- Nilla Bean Biscuits
All of our dog biscuits are hand made with all natural ingredients
especially for you. Because we want to provide your pooch with only the
freshest treats, we make up each batch to order so you don't have to worry
that Fido's treats have been sitting around awhile before they come to you.
We wait just long enough for them to cool before sending them off to
make your Pooch's day! Pictured above are a few of the treats that we
make up special for your pooch. Sometimes we get creative with cookie
cutters so each batch may come to you in a different shape! Also, please
feel free to share with your pooch! All treats are made with human grade
ingredients right out of our pantry and refrigerator and all are vegetarian
friendly unless otherwise noted.

All treats are $3.95 for 1 pound packages.
Vampire n'Flea Biscuits:

Made with enough garlic to keep the vampires and fleas away!
Tastes like Italian garlic sticks!

1 pound package - $3.95
Honey P-Nut Puppy Biscuits:

Oats, Honey and Peanut Butter, what else could you want!
And not just for puppies!

1 pound package - $3.95
Minty Pooch Biscuits:

Mmmminty fresh breath! Real mint leaves and mint extract
make these a sure hit with the two legged family members!

1 pound package - $3.95
Veggie Biscuits:

Vegetarian doggie treats that are sure to please!

1 pound package - $3.95

Fall Treats

These treats are limited time for the fall and winter season!
Pumpkin Pie Treats:

Our two legged families aren't the only ones who need
something special for the holidays! Made with pumpkin and all
the spices you would find in your pie.

1 pound package - $3.95
Sugar-N-Spice Treats:

What's a puppy dog made out of? Sugar-N-Spice and
Everything Nice of course! These treats are perfect for your
Sugar-N-Spice pooch!

1 pound package - $3.95
Nilla Bean Biscuits:

Whole wheat and all natural vanilla make these treats a treat
to bake since they make the whole house smell so good!
Contains chicken broth.

*Due to the popularity of these, Nilla Bean will now become
available year round!*

1 pound package - $3.95
*Free Shipping on all orders over $35.00*
*Free Shipping on all orders over $35.00*
*Sorry, we're not taking orders for treats or biscuits at the moment *
*Sorry, we're not taking orders for treats or biscuits at the moment *